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Advantages Of Videos In Social Media Marketing

In the fast-paced world we live in today, it is important to continuously find new and better ways of making your products stand out from your competitors. The use of videos to market products in social media has been around for a long time though it has just recently begun being used by a lot of businesses.People today have busy schedules and hence the reasons why they opt for short videos as opposed to reading the same content in videos thereby proving that the use of videos in social media is one of the most powerful marketing strategies at the time.

Videos are effective for small, medium and large businesses. It is however saddening to find that some people still prefer to use other less effective marketing techniques. This article seeks to educate the reader on a number of advantages of using videos in social media marketing.

The first benefit of using videos in social media marketing is that it increases a company’s conversion rats. Some customers need to feel a connection with a product before they decide to but it, and you can take advantage of the use of videos to create that connection with your clients. You can also let the videos you post on social media serve as tutorials, especially if you deal with products that that should be used in specific ways for them to serve their purpose.

Secondly, the use of videos in social media marketing increases a company’s exposure. Increased exposure comes in because people today much prefer watching short videos to reading long articles talking about the same product. Studies conducted over the years show that a lot of people prefer to share videos rather than texts. The use of videos therefore increases a company’s customer base because your customers share more videos on your products to their family and friends.

The use of videos in social media marketing also boosts a company’s SEO ranking. This is because search engines are usually after content that engages viewers and nothing is more engaging than a video. An improved SEO ranking means more sales since your content will appear among the top when a potential customer keys in your keywords.

Videos also increase customer trust and awareness. For a customer to go for your product rather than your competitor’s you have to make sure you build a connection with them, which is effectively done through videos because customers tend to relate more with what they can see and hear.

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