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Some of the Early Signs and Symptoms of Dementia

A good number of people who are suffering from dementia in American are not aware of it Dementia refers to the condition that affects the cognitive functions such as the Alzheimer disease. Dementia is associated with old age but this does not mean that it affects only the old people. It very true that dementia can affect anyone regardless of their age. The following are some of the early signs and symptoms of dementia.

Memory loss is one of the early signs and symptoms that a person having dementia will exhibit. A person with memory loss will be characterized by repeatedly asking for the same information. A person who has memory loss will ha e challenges in remembering recent information. You also tell a person is suffering from memory loss if the person relies on written information as a reminder. Memory loss is the beginning sign in a person suffering from dementia.

Second, withdrawal from normal activities may be a sign that a person may be suffering from dementia. As a result of this condition, you will find a person who liked talking to people too much is no longer interested in taking. Dementia will result to you not being interested in your hobby which will have an impact on you withdrawing from a friend as you will no longer have something that keeps you together. It is good to see a specialist to test whether you are suffering from dementia for early treatment.

Another sign and symptom of dementia is disorientation. The confusion that you get when you wake up can be compared to disorientation. When you are disoriented, you cannot be able to bell your name, where you are or any other critical information. Seek medical attention in case you have signs of disorientation which is a very serious symptom of dementia.

Lastly, diminishing ability to communicate is another sign and symptom of dementia. It will be difficult for a person suffering from dementia to align words in the order in his mind and therefore difficulties in his communication and speech. This kind of a person will have a problem of forgetting what is about to say. It is advisable to seek medical attention in case you notice some of this signs so that you can be treated in case you are suffering from dementia condition. Find time to read more here for more about the treatment of dementia. The above are signs and symptoms of dementia.