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When to Use Emojis in Emails and Correspondence

It is not easy to make our way through the social norms of a tech-driven generation like the one we live in currently. Nowadays, it is hard top find an aspect 0f our life that remains unaffected by technology and smartphones. In the workplace, however, is where most people face challenges. The use of emails and texting tends to bring workers close but it is the use of emojis in electronic messages to communicate between different people respectfully, expressively and according to the context that has been called into question.

They need to use emojis in the professional settings such as workplaces is still a matter if question even though most people already use them in their normal day to day lives to communicate with friends and loved ones. When it comes to using emojis at work, most people are unsure as it is determined by the situation you find yourself in. If you are wondering what the circumstances that allow the use of emojis at work are, you should read through these useful tips.

Emojis have become a key apart of our every day communication. They have provided convenience when it comes to expressing our feelings as we can comfortably do it with the use of emojis. They can be hard to use in the workplace but they are specifically useful in an ordinary setting. These are some of the circumstances that prohibit the use of emojis in work emails.

If there is information to be communicated, avoid using emojis. While you may use emojis in your texts, there is some probability that your workmate or superior does not. They may end up getting the wrong message when you use emojis. The meaning you have of a certain emoji may not be the same to that one of someone else as the interpretations vary from one person to another. Whether you are communication your feelings or any kind of information, using emojis should be the last thing you do avoid giving the wrong message to the other person at work.

If the context requires total professionalism, avoid using them. They maybe popular but they still come with negative stigma when it comes to perception of professionalism. Using emojis in a work setting is viewed as lack of professionalism. Studies show that some of the people who use emojis at work are seen as incompetent. It is good that you avoid using emojis in a work setting to make sure that your reputation among your fellow employees may suffer. It dies nit mean that you should not use emojis at work, however, as it is a case of circumstances.

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