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The definition of Chicory and Advantages to Your Health

There has been chicory that has been used over the years to help in gut health improvement, replacing coffee, as well as weight loss which is natural and multipurpose ingredient. This is a real solution to your health problems and no as fad as celery juice is. There are several benefits of having to helping you to lose weight and prevention of major illness it tastes chicory root as part of your every diet. Apart from assisting in weight loss, it also has an attractive taste as well as prevent major deceases . There is more info about chicory as well as its benefits as noted below. The chicory root benefits are numerous and always make you want to have it in your diet all the time.

Weight loss if the first and most known advantage that is associated with the use if chicory. There are inulin and prebiotic fiber that contains sugar chains in the chicory roots. However, it is unique in that it does not behave like sugar chains even though it has sugar chains. Since the body does not digest it; it means it does not bet dissolved into the blood. Instead of getting digested it is converted into short-chain fatty acids. By taking fewer calories, you get to lose weight with the help of chicory.

With the intake of chicory, your digestive health is set to improve which is its other advantage. A balance of bacteria with other microbes help in the functioning of your digestive system.You may suffer from indigestion, excessive gas, and other illnesses if you have too few bacteria. The the inulin balances good bacteria in your digestive system. You are advised to take chicory to increase the number of your good bacteria in your system.

The other benefit of using chicory root is the prevention of colon cancer. With an inflammation in the colon, you risk illnesses which may end up as colon cancer. You minimize the risk of colon cancer by reducing inflammations as much as you can. A study has been carried out and shows that the consumption of inulin minimizes precancerous growth in animals. It is said to work the same way for the human beings even though there has not been researching.

Consumption of chicory root help in the prevention of heart attack which happens to be another advantage. Good your arteries require cholesterol for them to pick up other cholesterol and send them for disposal to the liver. Thremay be a plaque in your arteries due to the buildup of both HDL and LDL which are good and bad cholesterol respectively. You may either suffer from heart attack or stroke as a result.