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Wood Fence Protection

A fence serves a great role in keeping the home secure from trespassing and from unauthorized entry. Wooden fences can be used due to their desirable properties such as low cost and a better appearance among other reasons. Taking care of the fence makes it last longer and keep in in the best conditions possible even when it has stayed for a long time. Some conditions and organisms are not favorable for wood as they destroy it and these include termites and lots of moisture. Water is one of the things that damage wood when it gets absorbed because it makes the wood weaker and causes rotting.

Cleaning the fence is good to get rid of debris and dust that has accumulated over time making it look dirty or cause damage when left unattended to. Using a pressure washer can be better to clean and this should be done while making sure the pressure is not too much. To prevent damage to plants, they should be covered properly when a chemical washer is used to help clean the fence. Dust and small debris can stick inside cracks on the wood and a tool should be used to scrape them off to keep it clean. A clean fence can then be applied with sealants but it should be done when the wood is completely dry meaning some days after cleaning. Sealing the wood helps in keeping it insulated from moisture and this makes it last for long without being damaged.

It is necessary to request the supplier to advise on the sealant that will be suited for you depending on the climate for your location. Staining the fence can give a better appearance and this can be done after applying the sealants. When plants are planted too close to the wood fence they affect it through the moisture which makes it rot faster. Since flowers add to the beauty of a compound they should be planted but at a distance say one and a half feet from the wood. When sprinkling it should be considered that the water is risky for wood and placed strategically to avoid the water from getting in contact with the wood.

It might be hard to set the sprinkler strategically which should give the need of using garden hoses for plants near the wood. Pests destroy wood and these can be removed through spraying and if one has signed a termite contract it also covers the fence. When one is careful to make repairs on time they can avoid having to pay much more to have it replaced after being too damaged. There are signs that indicate the need for repairs or replacement such as leaning on one side and rotten wood among other signs.