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A Lead to the Jones Act
Travelling by sea has been peoples urge for a very long time. It has been great fun for many people using the sea as a means of transport. Above all that, there are people who most of their time in seen to earn a living. Several people have dedicated their lives just to serve people. Despite it being fun to travel by sea, there are challenges are brought about by different factors. Along the way, there are instances where people get injured as they are traveling by sea for different purposes. There were not proper channels it be followed in order to save these people. That was the reason why the Jones Act was put into action. It is a rule that was implemented pay for all the damages in case an accident occurred in the sea.
Behind everything there is always a history. The reason why the Jones act marime time was implemented was to enhance shipping during the First World War. In the United States that helped to increase the cost of shipping.
As a Jones act vessel, not all can be qualified to be one. The vessel was required to reach certain qualifications that were to be followed for it to qualify. It must have been constructed in the united states of America. A shipping company that benefits the county’s economy is what they want that is why they put such a requirement. In case there is war, they want to use the vessels as military ships that is why they put all these requirements.
About this Jones act; there are unbelievable things about it. This act has contributed a lot in the building up the economy of the united states. People working in the marine industry are highly waged. Graduates working in this field are also highly paid.
There are times when the temporary waiver is welcomed. That happens for a very short time. That also happens when there is a national crisis which would need ships to be increased. There are time when natural calamities influence that. Areas that are affected will receive help through these ships.
It is not to a surprise that the Jones act came with a controversy. There are people who are against it for their benefits . If it is done away with I will lower the revues of the country.
There are very many people in the united states that support the Jones act and they always feel like they need it for national safety. These people have that feeling that it has brought the economy of the country high by giving people stable job opportunities. Those that are in the industry of shipping have something to smile at because they have a full-time job.