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Tips for Marketing Your Books Online.

If I had to make a confession I would say I am not good at marketing. However, the point is that I can do it well if I committed my mind. You can even call me an expert at marketing but the problem is that I am very lazy. I drag my feet to write blog articles for my website and I don’t post as much as I should on social media and setting up PPC is a long process for me. It doesn’t get better on matters to do with monitoring traffic or writing marketing emails. I am happy delegating that task to someone else. However, you will have to do all this if you have decided to publish a book independently. If that’s your plan then this is just the right article for you. You will get pointers on what you are doing wrong and even how to go about fixing that. First of all, you need to publish and then hope for the best.

You should not be writing a book with the hope that people will buy it because that is less likely to happen. Only famous people have this privilege. Amazon has millions of ebooks and more people are self-publishing. No matter the genre your book is in, there is likely to be more than 2 million copies on Amazon. That competition is very stiff. You odds at being found on Amazon are better as opposed to publishing a Youtube video but better than being elected class president in high school. Another blow is that you can only count on Amazon’s help in marketing when there are more than 25 people who have actually read and reviewed your book. If this is not happening and you are not marketing your book, chances are you will be at the end of the pile in the genre. This is not right if you want to gain a huge audience which is why you should look into how you can improve the marketing process.

Get on Twitter and keep sharing your book links. There are various writing communities on Twitter and you need to join at least one of them. The writing community is not some kind of magic too because you will also be competing against everyone in the circle who has published a book which means you have to offer them a reason to go ahead and check out yours. Social media is there for people to link about and the sooner you start communing the better. Many authors who are already established keep talking about the things that are going on in their lives. They post about their failures and successes, their dogs, and even their opinions on various matters.