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The Best Beaches In Africa For Unique Getaways

The African continent is very rich in terms of life, the history of various things as we as the culture of the people . Africa is quite worth a lot, it is where most people come to explore, to discover and more so to chill. It is home to the best beaches you can visit and have the best times in the world. Here are some of the best beaches in Africa that will take your breath away.

Diani beach, in Kenya, found in the east African region. It is a 17 kilometer stretch of an island lined by vibrant palm tree s and glittering waters. At the Diani beach you can go on jet skiing, try kite surfing and many other activities, but under one condition, have the desired equipment for that particular activity you want to engage in. Apart from having fun on the beaches, you can go to the insides where you will enjoy other things like bike tours, etc.

Additionally, we have the Watamu beach, found in Kenya also. We have pretty much things you can do here, visit the pure white sands, the dense free jungle, who doesn’t like to explore. While you enjoy the thrill of the other things, you can also get to see the green turtle and the hawkbill which are found in the dense free jungle of Watamu. There is much more to explore here, under the waters as it’s own marine protected area. You can also take your time and explore the beautiful Swahili village from the 12th century.

Check out the Likoma beach in Malawi. Has the soft sandy beaches plus clear waters. You can swim in the waters with the brightly colored fish, or you can decide to take boat rides around the island. For a good experience, it is one of the top beaches to visit. We also have the Belle Made beach found in Mauritius. The beach is on the southeast coast of Mauritius. The best place, with unspoiled nature, everything is fine at this place, and it is naturally beautiful, peaceful and we have some sense of calmness here, you won’t hear a thing except for the blowing winds. You can do as much as you want, you can visit the sandy beaches, relax in the shade or explore the calm waters. Also when its morning, you can have the chance to watch the sunrise, its an added sight that you will ever notice and it’s just exciting.

Bazaruto island, Mozambique is another beach you can check out. Its the largest island of a national park in the Indian ocean. You will enjoy a lot of things here. From the huge dunes, the wetlands, the jungles as well as the savannas. Very unique as one can para sail, dive and also kayaking. There are coral reefs, get to see them, these are fish homes.