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Advantages and Disadvantages of a Ketogenic Diet

In spite of its popularity, ketogenic diets have attracted a lot of criticism from nutritionists because of its effects on the body. The diet does not supply the body with enough carbs making the body burn stored glucose. The fat in the body gets burned as a result of this diet. It might not be easy to decide whether to choose this diet or not, but this article will be giving a few insights concerning the keto diet. Thre are a number of advantages and disadvantages of this kind of diet and you can learn more here.

The diet has fewer carbohydrates. The diet does not give any hunger pangs to the person on a diet. People usually give up on diets because of hunger but here, a person can stick to it comfortably. As soon as you begin the diet, you will start to experience weight loss. A consequence of cutting on carbohydrates is the burning of fat which ultimately results in weight loss. The body also reduces the level of insulin and less glucose gets stored as a result of this. You certainly wish to weigh less and burn off extra fat in your body, and this diet will result in the same.

A ketogenic diet decrease subcutaneous fat which is often responsible or a number of diseases in the body. Whether you are a performance athlete or just a worker bee, the diet will be effective in reduction of fat from your body. The diet is very effective in the elimination of the fat. As a result, diseases like high blood pressure and heart attack can be kept away from the body of the person on the diet.

This diet, however, leads to the reduction of muscle mass. Glucose that has been stored by the body is burned down when the body enters into ketosis. Nutritionists say that a person on a ketogenic diet does not have to decrease their calories severely. The body eventually loses muscle mass in this process.

The other disadvantage of a ketogenic diet is that a dietician has to watch over the person on the diet. The dieting is regarded as a mild complication and not all bodies endure it. The body required carbohydrates and the diet might not supply the body of carbs adequately. There are numerous rumors concerning the diet but you need to find out about the positive and negative effects of the diet. The paragraphs above have however shed light on the good and bads of the diet.

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