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Senior Care Abuse Giveaways to Be Vigilant of

Studies show around 50 million people in the US are senior citizens, and this number is expected to explode by 2060. With the number of the elderly living domestically, the chances of you knowing a senior citizen that is dependent on someone else’s care is high. Despite the fact that many people feel at peace knowing that their dad or other loved ones are getting the care they necessitate from a third party; an in-home nurse, nursing home or any other form or caregiving, at times there is a reason to worry. Elderly citizens are ill-treated and neglected all over countries in the hands of their caregivers, and your loved one could be victim as well if you are not paying attention. Below, we have shared a list of some of the indications of abuse of the elderly that you should be watchful of.
Elderly are susceptible to falling, and a decent caregiver should be proactive in executing measures that limit the risk of this happening. If you start noticing lots of bruises on your loved one, or he or she is taking many trips to the hospital because of breaks, you ought to be doubting the care they are receiving. In some cases, recurrent bruises or breaks happen due to neglect while other cases involve the caregiver utterly abusing the elderly patients, and are a direct root of injuries.
Depending on the senior’s mental and physical health, staying in bed often might be a medical need. Seniors that are needed to be in their beds still require a lot of attention nevertheless. If a senior is always in bed for a protracted period without being relocated, stretched, or supported when there is need to use the lavatories, rashes and scratches can develop on the skin surface which are known as bed sores. These bed sores are agonizing can be fatal if they get infected. Therefore, ensure that your elderly loved ones are not developing bed sores by checking their legs and backs whenever you can.
Weight fluxes are normal in elders as their metabolisms and appetites change. Rapid weight loss, though, could be a sign that your loved one is being starved. Golden agers ought to get a stable diet of nutritious to guarantee that their bodies are still functioning suitably into old age. Lack of proper diet can lead to serious health complications like muscle degenerations and even cardiac failure. Take time to look at the kinds of foods that your elderly loved one’s caregiver or assisted living facility offers patients or residents before you decide that they are the people who should look after your senior.