How to Win Playing Roulette

How to Win Playing Roulette

 Roulette Online is one type of gambling game that is in Gclub Casino and is no less popular with other Casino Online games, because of the lucrative winning potential.

 Every bettor always wants to win as much as possible. However, most of the bettor surrendered and resigned when they suffered defeat without looking for effective Tips & Tricks to get back to winning. Therefore from that, here will be explained some Ways to Play Roulette to win continuously.

 Let’s start discussing How to Play to win in the Roulette game, which is as follows:

 1. Bets on Numbers

 This type of betting is quite complicated indeed. Why? Because in playing Roulette Online there are numbers 1 to 18 and 19 to 36. To be able to improve it, it is inevitable that the factor of success is very influential here. But you can try using a trick that will be explained as follows.

 Do a round of up to 7 times, if it still doesn’t work, try doing the 8th round by choosing a number that hasn’t come out yet. If you succeed, then the profit you can get reaches twice the value at stake. But if you lose, you better stop playing first or be able to start a bet with a small nominal.

 2. Playing with the Martingale Strategy

 Martingale is a theory in probability management that can have the same value in a certain period or the previous period by utilizing the principle of multiplication. This system is commonly used by players who have a large enough capital, because indeed this is an investment game that generates a lot of money with a lot of capital. If you are a gambler who has strong capital, then you will certainly be able to win a lot. Let’s look at an example as follows.

 You place an odd bet with a value of 10,000, after the results that come out you lose, because the results that come out are even. Then in the next round you place a bet twice the previous bet of 20,000, if you still lose, in the next round you double your bet back to 40,000, do it like this continuously until you get a win. Here you notice the results will always be the same, you will still win 10,000 every time you win. If you win, then you place the bet again as before the previous bet, which is 10,000.

 3. Play 2 Types of Bets With 30 Numbers

 This method is to buy 30 numbers in 2 types of bets. The step you have to do is with the first type of bet to buy small numbers such as (1-18) with a nominal value of IDR 30,000 and 1 other type of bet is to buy 3rd 12 (25-36) with a nominal value of IDR 20,000, then the calculation is like this. If the ball stops at a small number below 18, then the small bet that you place wins 30,000 IDR and the 3rd 12 bet loses 20,000 IDR (which means here you win 10,000 IDR). However, if the ball stops at a large number above 24, then the small bet that you place loses IDR 30,000, but your bet on 3rd 12 wins IDR 40,000 (which means that here you also win IDR 10,000).

 4. Bet on the Roulette Circle

 So here the role of 0 is the middle number, you put a number in the half-circle name, for example as follows:

 Half circle to LEFT zero (columns 2 & 4) 18 numbers

 Half circle to RIGHT zero (columns 1 & 3) 18 numbers

 Half circle to TOP (columns 1 & 2) 18 numbers

 Half circle to DOWN (columns 3 & 4) 18 numbers

 The advantage using this method is that we put 18 numbers x 1,000 = 18,000 and if we win 1,000 x 35 = 35,000 + 1,000 (our bet money) so 35,000-17,000 = 18,000 is the profit we will get.

 5. Target Victory

 As always in every previous article in playing any online gambling, we must target victory and not be too greedy.

 Thus the Strategy in Playing Roulette Online to win continuously, I hope this article is useful for you and makes it easier for you to achieve victory in playing Roulette Online.