How to make a good CV in 2022: the method for success

Between the HR software that automatically discards your CV and the 30 short seconds granted to a recruiter to read it, making a CV that will be read (and retained) becomes a real feat! To achieve it, be sure to apply the following recommendations.

First of all, allow time for reflection and analysis on your journey. Building a quality curriculum vitae is a real writing exercise. Of course, to save time, you can prepare your application using a CV template to download and to fill out online, which are very effective in attracting the eye of the recruiter.

By taking into account the tips below and those for writing a good cover letter, the job interview will be within your reach.

The 5 rules for an effective CV in 2022

  • Fill in all the essential sections of the CV
  • Customize your CV for each employer
  • Use keywords specific to the position or sector
  • Enhance your technical and behavioral skills
  • Take care of the layout by using a professional CV template

The essential sections to complete for a good CV

In addition to traditional information (contact details, jobs, training), today career objectives, qualities or the results of work are also of interest to those in charge of recruitment. These data are grouped together in a specific section.

  • Identity in Resume Header
  • Resume Title
  • Catchphrase to introduce yourself
  • Professional experiences (the most significant)
  • Training (studies: diploma and certification)
  • Skills: technical, relational, IT and languages
  • Hobbies

The title and subject of an application are two essential elements today, which allow the hiring manager to better understand you. We will see in the next paragraph how to write them.

Are you a student looking for an internship or a recent graduate looking for a first job? Building your application will be a little different from that of an experienced professional. For a student CV, it will be appropriate to highlight his knowledge (studies, languages, IT) before his experience, unless this is significant (at least two internships in the field concerned).

Talk about their educational or professional training

This is one of the easiest headings to write:

  • Name of diploma – Year obtained
  • Establishment – Location
  • Course name From [DATE] to [DATE]
  • Organization Name – Location

If you are a recent graduate or in retraining, do not hesitate to indicate one or two key/favorite subjects or projects carried out as part of your studies. It says more about your personality and fleshes out your resume.

To avoid:

Draw up an exhaustive list of all these diplomas or training. It is advisable, especially if you are an experienced person.

Know how to identify and highlight your key skills in your CV

Having become essential in the eyes of many hiring managers, hard skills and soft skills should not be chosen at random.

They should be distinguished in a dedicated section. But beware, a list of qualities (e.g. management – team spirit – creativity) loses its meaning without concrete examples. Remember to connect them to your experiences, your hook or even your areas of interest.

What language level should you indicate on your CV?

If the highlighting of a foreign language in writing or orally is a plus for your application, make sure to specify its level of mastery. There are two ways to do this:

  • the approximate level: notions, intermediate, advanced, fluent, bilingual.
  • the level verified using a CERCL type test: a classification from A1 to C2

You can also, if necessary, add your score to other tests such as TOEIC or TOEFL.

The importance of making a personalized CV for each application

Before responding to a job offer, you must check that your CV matches it perfectly. With rare exceptions, you will need to modify it to adapt it to the job offer. And this for 2 reasons:

  • Successfully pass the barrier of recruitment software and its keyword system
  • Convince the recruiter that you are the right candidate

It’s a safe bet that your CV goes through computer software (of the ATS type – applicant tracking system) which searches for the expected keywords (contained in the advertisement or the job description): so as not to be rejected even before passing into human hands, make sure they are there!

On top of that, each section of your CV should be personalized as much as possible.

Much more than your function, the title of your document must take up the title of the profession as stipulated on the job offer and as qualified as possible. For example, you can highlight the language , or the diploma if it is specific , to be adapted according to the profile sought by the employer. Of course, your hook should address the employer.

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