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Best Treatment Methods of the Parkinson Patients
Our bodies have become prone to all the types of diseases thus the need for a lookout for such diseases and have the preventive measures. The neurodegenerative disorder affects the brain nerves which reduces the hormone dopamine and the victim has signs of the muscle rigidity and tremors. After the diagnosis of the patients of the disorder, there has been no establishment of the disease but only the treatment of the symptoms. However Nordic walking helps Parkinson patients alongside there are treatments that have been proven to slow down the disease and help people to live well in spite of the tremors effectively.

The treatment of the disease can be in the form of the medication that is a substitute or increases the level of the hormone ensuring that you live a healthy life and reduce the movement problems. The medication plays a vital role in letting the patient s to live a healthy life, but the effects of the medication can reduce over time thus not able to hold the disease for long. The carbidopa-levodopa and nordic walking help parkinson patients that the chemical levodopa makes its way in to the brain and converts into the dopamine, and the carbidopa ensures that the chemical reaches the brain to convert.

Another medication in the treatment is the duopa which is a combination of the carbidopa and the levodopa, but it is more advanced from patients that are still responding to the medication but are having effects with the medication. Dopamine agonist is another medication that unlike the levodopa it does not change them into dopamine on reaching the brain, but it mimics the dopamine effects in the brain. By restraining the breakdown of the dopamine by the enzyme MAO B in the brain is an important level of maintaining the high levels of the dopamine thus reduction in the symptoms.

If the patient is using the MAO B inhibitor is not supposed to use any narcotic and the antidepressant because it will lead to the rare reactions and when used alongside the carbidopa-levodopa can lead to hallucination. The inhibitor COMTC blocks the enzyme that breaks down the dopamine and enhances the effect of the Levodopa . Anticholinergic is another medication used alongside the Nordic walking helps Parkinson patients to reduce the tremors associated with the disease but causes of memory loss, constipation and hallucination .

For the early stages of the disease the mild effects are experienced with amantadine, and nordic walking help parkinson patients, and in the later stage amantadine can be used alongside the carbidopa-levodopa to control the involuntary movement, and it can cause hallucination and ankle swelling. The brain activity is stimulated through the electrodes that are inserted through the surgical procedure as a way of offsetting the effects of the disease. The best and effective way is Nordic walking helps Parkinson patients that balance the patient’s upper body thus less effect and better heart rate.