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How to Use Dog Treats Correctly|Tips on Giving Dog Treats Correctly|Factors to Consider when Giving Healthy Dog Treats

Suppose you want to bond with your dog, it is recommended that you provide you provide the pet with treats since, they can also help to train the dog as well as pamper them with food. In addition, the treats are easy however the difficult part is to make the dog responds to the command that you are teaching. The right use of food treats in dog training will help the dog owner have an obedient and happy hound. Frequently using treats can make a dog to be loyal and submissive to you , however the demerit of this is that it will make the dog respond to every command even if the owner does not have any treat. For effective use of dog treats in training; it is recommended to use the following tips.

It is recommended for dog owners to know their dog’s’ favorite meal first before providing the treats, in order to achieve this, one need to provide different types of food to the dog, including, vegetables, fruits, and meats. In addition, it is recommended to provided your pet with different types of meal so as to enable him or her get a more balanced diet.

Besides, it is advisable to provide your pet with enough treat, since dogs cares more about the quantity rather than the size. The meal can be divided into smaller portions and then give to the dog at a consistent interval. Moreover, the treatment should be given to the dog at a perfect time, for instance when the dog does something commendable. A dog can also be given treat if they are being trained a new command. However, caution needs to be taken when using the treat to teach a dog a new command since when the dog owner withdraws the treat immediately the dog learns the new command, the dog may give up.

In addition it is necessary to choose a treat that the dog will like the most. One needs to look at the ingredients that are used to make the treat, if they are component that you do not know very well or can even spell them correctly , they may not be the best for your dogs. Moreover, human are not always necessarily good for your dogs. Information on the best treat for dogs can be obtained from a local dog vet doctor.

Dog owners are advised to leave their pets smell the food by themselves instead of putting it under their nose. Once the pet has mastered a new behavior, you may need to remove the treat by reducing the number of times that you are providing him with it.