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Surviving Financial Difficulties

Many people encounter financial difficulties over the course of their lives. If you are experiencing problems with paying your bills and keeping up with other financial responsibilities, these courses of action can help you.



A loan is a sum of money lent to you by a bank or organization such as Simple Path Financial. Some loans have specified uses, but others can be used for any financial needs. For example, Simple Path Financial might lend give you a certain amount of money to help you pay for car repairs, and you would agree on an interest rate. Then, you would repay the loan and the interest, generally in monthly payments over an extended period of time.


Government Programs

Some parts of Social Security programs are only available to older citizens...

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The Avalanche Debt Solution Explained

If you are feeling overwhelmed by your debt and are ready to take steps toward resolving it talk to experts, like Rescue One Financial, about the avalanche repayment method to see if it is worth your consideration. Here is everything you need to know about the process, including how it works to help you get out from under that growing mountain of debt. 

Find Your Interest Rates

Check the interest rates, balances, and minimum payments for all of your debt burdens. Use a spreadsheet to track them. This will help you know exactly what you must pay each month so you can figure out your overall payments. 

Start With the Balance That Has the Highest Interest Rate

Find the balance that has the highest interest rate. This is the one you will focus on for now...

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What Does a CPA Do?

What Does a CPA Do?

What some may not be aware of is that when it comes to accountants, not all of them are the same. Some accountants may have more training than others. In certain situations, if you feel you need an accountant with more experience or a broader range of expertise, it may be a good idea to seek out a CPA. The UCPAA is one resource that could be helpful when it comes to finding the right CPA for you.

What You Need to Know

CPA stands for certified public accountant. A CPA is an accountant who has received extra education and undergone exams to earn their credentials. Because of these extra credentials, a CPA may be regarded more highly by other professionals, as well as be in higher demand than a standard accountant. The tasks a CPA can do may cover a wide range and can include auditing, ta...

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