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Smart Ideas to Reuse Plastic Bottles

You can be able to reuse empty plastic bottles from what you drink to make carbon footprints as small as possible. If you drink soda, water, milk, or Gatorade you can always keep their bottles around so that other tasks you have on your schedule will be easier to accomplish. When these bottles are not storing material that can help you with different objects they can make for a great game to pass up the time. You should consider the ideas that are discussed below which will be able to help you when figuring out how to reuse plastic bottles.

One of the major ideas that you can be able to ensure that you reuse plastic bottles is by using them as supply cups. You should not throw away the water bottles if you work at an office because you can use them to store pens and other small tools. Turning a plastic water bottle into a storage cup is among the best uses of plastic because you don’t have to worry about misplacing utensils in the drawer at your desk or leaving them at home. Your tools will be kept safe if you use a plastic bottle to store your tools. The plastic bottles can also be used as supply cups and show your art skills by either painting or drawing onto them.

You can use the plastic bottles to grow plants. The spring and summer are great periods of the year for any of those who enjoy growing different plants on their backyards. This is a good way to make use of waste bottles if you consider planting flowers on your house backyard. You will be able to learn more here on how to plant flowers on plastic bottles. You can also plant herbs on these plastic bottles on the backyard of your home.

The third idea that you can use to ensure that you reuse plastic bottles is to use them to make home games which you and your kids will enjoy playing. To practice your strikes you can paint plastic bottles to look like bowls and use them to play. You can also use plastic bottles in the parties that you do at home with your friends and family members. Using plastic bottles at parties will be able to save you money.

You can store laundry detergents on plastic bottles that are empty. You can be able to check different ways that you can be able to benefit by storing detergent on empty plastic bottles. The ideas that are discussed above will help to ensure that you reuse plastic bottles.