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Factors to Help You Understand How Regular You Need to Change a Toothbrush

The American Dental Association records show that a person is supposed to brush teeth not less than twice in a day with the application of fluoride toothpaste. Also, you need to change your toothbrush regularly because of wearing out. These preventive tips outlined here are the best to read so that you learn on what you should do to maintain the health of your teeth.

One of the major reasons why you are supposed to change your toothbrush is that toothbrushes lose their efficacy after some time. When the bristles wear out your toothbrush will not get into the tricky corners around your teeth. This means that some food particles will be left on your teeth even after brushing, leading to gum and plaque disease. As well, there is an issue of bacteria growing on the bristles.

The general rule states that you are supposed to change your toothbrush after three months. However, this depends on how often one uses the toothbrush. If you want to know if it’s time to replace your toothbrush you should check the bristles if they are bent. It is also necessary that you run tongue across your teeth when you finish brushing to feel whether there is a clean slippering feeling.

These preventive tips are discussed to help you get an idea of how to keep teeth healthy. The first is the use of fluoride toothpaste. There is a difference in toothpaste’ flavors and formulations. The toothpaste you will choose is not an issue what matters is the presence of fluoride. Fluoride is the best in preventing tooth decay because it eliminates germs and provides a protective barrier to the teeth.

Secondly, do not forget to floss. Apart from brushing flossing is another best way to get rid of the food particles that stick between your teeth that might cause plaque and inflammation if you do not take any action.

Moreover, using mouthwash is key in these preventive tips. This method might not be effective like flossing, but it helps in preventing the plaque buildup on your teeth and gums, to reduce the acidity in the mouth as well as re-mineralize the teeth and finally helps to prevent tooth decay.

Another thing to consider in these preventive tips is visiting a dentist. It is possible for your tooth to decay even if you brush regularly thus you should make a decision of visiting your dentist at least twice per year.

In conclusion, you require to be careful about how you brush. When brushing, you should spend some minutes not rushing so that you go to other things. Furthermore, as you brush ensure that you move the toothbrush circularly. If you really want to live a healthy dental life you require to embrace these preventive tips.